Puerto Rico Votes “Yes” on Statehood

(Thursday, November 5, 2020- Washington, DC) – “On November 3rd, the people of Puerto Rico voted once again for the option that will guarantee the equal treatment we have been yearning for years. In a historic vote the people of Puerto Rico came together and reaffirmed their desire for equality by voting in favor of Statehood and of the New Progressive Party (PNP), the only party committed to achieving equality for all Puerto Ricans on the island. 

With over fifty two percent of the votes, Puerto Ricans have once again declared that they do not support the current territorial-colonial status when asked a question similar to the plebiscites taken by the people of Hawaii and Alaska, “Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted into the Union as a State?”. This undeniable support for Statehood should not come as a surprise since in the past ten years, Puerto Rico has voted in favor of Statehood. For centuries Puerto Rico has not participated in the decisions that directly affect the residents of the island and the 3.2 million of U.S. citizens that call the island home have been disenfranchised and treated as second-class citizens because of their zip code. 

While we know the process towards Statehood has been long and overdue with the support shown in this plebiscite, and with the precedents established by the others, our government has developed a strategic plan for Puerto Rico to be included as part of the Nation. As of now, we are conducting our plan by informing members of Congress from both sides of the aisle the will of the people of Puerto Rico as shown in this most recent plebiscite. Our next step is to develop a transition plan that will establish the measures needed to grant Puerto Rico Statehood. 

“The main goal of this PREC and our newly elected Governor Pedro Pierluisi is to be a voice for the people of Puerto Rico. I am confident that the members of the Commission will work tirelessly so that millions are able to receive the equal treatment they have been denied for years. The people of Puerto Rico have demonstrated on many occasions that they wish to be part of the Union, that they want to become a state. The results of this plebiscite reaffirm what we already knew, we urge Congress to grant us the respect we deserve, by honoring the results of this democratic process.” said chairman Romero Barceló.”


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