The Chairman of the PREC Supports Democratic Candidate Joe Biden in Presidential Election and Battleground States

(Wednesday, October 21, 2020- Washington, DC)–The Chairman of the Puerto Rico Equality Commission (PREC) has offered his support to Presidential Democratic Candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming November 3rdelection. In a letter sent to the former Vice President, the PREC Chairman offered his assistance to the Biden campaign and their efforts securing the Puerto Rican vote in essential battleground states, like Florida and Pennsylvania. This comes after Vice President Biden announced his support for Puerto Rico’s statehood during a speech given in Kissimmee, Florida.

On September 15, 2020, Joe Biden publicly announced his intention to include Puerto Rico as a state of the Union when publicly declaring that“statehood would be the most effective means of ensuring that Puerto Rico residents are treated equally, with equal representation at the Federal level. But the people of Puerto Rico must decide, and the United States Federal government must respect and act on that decision.”

This public support towards statehood as a viable means of decolonization comes months before the people of Puerto Rico are set to vote on a plebiscite to decide the island’s political future. It is important to note that the ballots cast have shown a growing and consistent support for statehood for the past two referendums, increasing from 61 percent in 2012 to more than 97 percent in 2017. In less than 20 days, Puerto Rico will once again choose to be part of the Nation and, when this happens, the Chairman of the PREC and the people of Puerto Rico look forward to working alongside newly elected President Biden.Puerto Rico’s inclusion in the Union would mean that the island will finally have a say in the decisions that directly impact them and have fair representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

“I am grateful for the support of former Vice President and Presidential Democratic Candidate Joe Biden to include Puerto Rico as part of the Union so that every citizen on the island is finally treated equally,”said Carlos Romero- Barceló, Chairman of the PREC. “After so many years of fighting for equality, our greatest accomplishment would be seeing our star alongside the other states of our Nation, to fulfill our rights as American Citizens to equal, political and economic rights with our fellow citizens in the 50 states.”


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