The PREC Congratulates Councilman Ritchie Torres on His Victory in the Race for New York’s 15th Congressional District

 The PREC Congratulates Councilman Ritchie Torres on His Victory in the Race for New York’s 15thCongressional District 

(August 6, 2020-Washington, D.C.) – Chairman Romero-Barceló sent a letter to Councilman Ritchie Torres and winner of the Democratic primary race for the New York’s 15th Congressional District seat. In the written communication, the Chairman congratulated the Councilman on his expected victory on a very high-profile race in New York and expressed sincere gratitude for his support of Puerto Rico’s equality. In an op-ed for the New York Daily News, Torres endorsed equality for Puerto Rico’s 3.2 million residents and conveyed his support towards the island. 

Torres won the South Bronx seat previously held by Congressman José Serrano for 30 years. The Congressional District of New York 15th comprises a majority of Puerto Rican and African American population. It is the most Democratic district in the nation, assuring a victory for whoever wins the seat. Torres will make history along with lawyer Mondaire Jones, who is set win the primary for the neighboring Congressional District of New York 17th. If elected in November, they would be the first openly gay Black men in Congress. 

 “It is with great pride that we welcome Ritchie Torres, a projected newly elected Congressman and a fighter for New York and Puerto Rico,” said Chairman Romero Barceló. “We have seen the Puerto Rican population growing exponentially in states like New York and Florida and throughout the nation. With this in mind, we need to continue fighting harder for the 3.2 million U.S citizens that do not have equal representation in either chamber of Congress or the right to vote for their President because of their zip code. As we continue to move towards a more diverse and young Congress, we must keep in mind that as our journey continues, our duty is to pave the path forward for others to follow and continue the fight towards equality. We look forward to working with Congressman Torres on issues affecting Puerto Rico and the unequal and democratic territorial status of the island.”  

The Puerto Rico Equality Commission will continue to be essential as we move towards the upcoming 2020 general election and the November 3rd. We are hopeful that Congress will address the inherent flaws of our political relationship with the 50 states of the union and our federal government. Our priority will continue to be the equal treatment of all Americans regardless of their zip code. We want fair representation for the millions that continue to fight honorably for a free America and call the island home. 

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