The PREC Congratulates Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Her Nomination as Candidate for Vice President of the United States

(August 17, 2020-Washington, D.C.) – Chairman Romero-Barceló sent a letter to Senator Kamala Harris congratulating the Senator on her nomination as a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America. In the written communication, the Chairman congratulated Senator Harris and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph Biden, requesting a formal meeting to address issues affecting Puerto Rico. Specifically, the letters point out to the island’s territorial-colonial status and the need to address this matter amid the ongoing challenges the island is confronting. 

The letter highlights Puerto Rico’s recovery after the significant devastation from the 2017 hurricanes Irma and María, the ongoing earthquakes that continue to impact the island, the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as the decade long fiscal, economic, and demographic crisis the island is facing. The written communication further emphasizes Puerto Rico’s voting history in favor of the statehood option. It is worth noting that the island has voted twice in the last 7 (seven) years, favoring statehood and opposing the current territorial status. Additionally, the letter mentions the island’s upcoming plebiscite on November 3rd, 2020, to define the island’s political status with an answer “Yes or No” to the question of “Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted into the Union as a State?” 

“It is with great pride that we congratulate Senator Kamala Harris on her nomination as the Vice-Presidential Nominee for the Democratic party. In the past years, we have seen an increase in the representation of minorities and historically underrepresented sectors in our political parties, and I would be remiss if we don’t recognize these achievements. Not only will Senator Harris make history by becoming the first woman of color on a major party ticket, but if elected, she will also make history by becoming the first woman Vice President of the United States of America. This is a major achievement in the continued fights to have fair and just representation in our Nation,” said Chairman Romero Barceló. “America is changing, and we must be on the right side of history to proudly say that that we stood for what was right. Puerto Ricans deserve equal treatment and fair representation. Millions of women living in Puerto Rico deserve to vote for the first woman of color candidate for vice president of the United States. Still, today, due to our colonial status, that is not possible. I look forward to working with the Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee in our continuous fight for equality for the 3.2 million U.S. citizens that call the island home”. 

The PREC will continue to be essential as we move towards the upcoming 2020 general election and the November 3rd plebiscite. Our priority will continue to be the equal treatment of all Americans regardless of their zip code. 

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